My second book.

Big White is taking a long and deep look at life and love (assuming there's even a difference between the two). While light gives us an opportunity to observe and be a witness, the shadows are framing our pereception.
The poet Ron Dahan (Editor) said: "'Big White' is a unique book in the literature scene, seeking to capture something and at the same time breaks it - with its prose, impression and great talent."

The photographer Ziv Koren said: "Itai Druckmann's new book succeeds in connecting visual poles into his new creation. Itai constracts an intelligent and homogeneous language in coupling nature and the human body in contexts of textures, compositions and emotions. While each photo has its own merits, their pairing allows the viewer to experience a whole greater than its parts".

Big White - לבן גדול

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    Language: Hebrew - עברית

    The Book: 128 pages. Cloth hardcover.

    Ingrediants: Love (lots), Slight disappointment, Pinch of ingenuity, Words set in a soothing font and Photogrphs (Black, white and more than 51 shades of gray).

    May Contain: Hope (still), Moments of awareness, Moments of ignorance.

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