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I was walking down this oh-so-typical London suburb street after a great meeting with a Publisher. Long strikes of buildings with heavily “wintered” trees spread around. I stopped somewhere along the street, looking up, and realizing the trees are telling a story. I shot the nine following frames, consecutively. For that last one, I tried to envision how I would like it to be, and what will make it perfect for me.
I imagined a seagull flying by, in between the trees, and waited. Standing in the middle of the road, testing the British drivers’ patience quite a few times, I got it. One shot. One of nine. Here’s their story.


“They want me to learn

to write as copiously as possible

everything I know how to express

in a single


03 43677 - Childhood Reflection
04 43679 - I Am My Own Womb
05 43681 - My School Days
06 43688 - We Should Talk
07 43685 - Self Preservation
08 43686 - Early Awareness
09 43680 - I Want to Love You
10 43690 - No Mans Land
11 43691 - Comfort Zone
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